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Sprint Electric DC Drives used widely in Materials Handling
October 2021
Industry News


You might be aware that our Digital DC Drives are used in a variety of materials handling applications. Virtually all manufactured goods and commodities are moved by material handling equipment at some point in their journey from factory to end user. Therefore, this industry plays a pivotal role in most economies and it literally keeps the World moving.


However, recently ports have experienced the biggest crisis since the start of container shipping 65 years ago. Causing factors include: port closures caused by Covid-19, labour shortages and a lack of warehouse space. This ‘perfect storm’ has overwhelmed the entire port infrastructure system.

There are currently 353 container ships stuck outside ports around the world with vessels waiting at anchor for up to a week to enter. With the biggest ships able to carry up to 20,000 twenty-foot containers at a time, that’s a lot of disruption! News site i-news predicts that this ‘shipping crisis could last until next summer’!

What can be done?

But with every issue comes possible resolutions and this industry is no exception. A new association has been launched, the UK Material Handling Association, dedicated to promoting and upholding the interests of this important industry. CEO, believes that this will be:

“A Gamechanger for the Industry”.

Tim Waples,

The REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) is campaigning for increased entry level positions, increased training for young people as well as ongoing support in the workplace to mitigate the impact of supply chain delays on UK businesses/consumers and current/future labour shortage issues.


For the long-term view, read a fascinating materials handling report that predicts the future of the supply chain over the next two decades. The report prophecies an acceleration of digital and automated solutions that could provide the “visibility, flexibility, agility and social distancing” answers that firms will need to succeed in a post-pandemic world. They speculate these technological solutions will include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, edge computing and drones ensuring future success because they will be able to quickly respond and adjust to supply chain disruptions.


Our policy has always been to hold good stocks of our DC Drives in order to ensure fast delivery. We achieve this by forward ordering many components, especially those on long lead times, sometimes up to 18 months! We have heard that other suppliers, who do not have this foresight, have been impacted by the shortages and are having no option than to badly let customers down. We are working very hard to maintain our stock levels to allow us to continue to ship from stock, but don’t hesitate to contact us to check current lead times.

If you are working on an application in the material handling industry, don’t forget, we have a team of DC motor control experts available to answer your questions. Get in touch now for enquiries on these and all other matters.

Here’s to a free flowing supply chain.



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