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Drive applications in marine environments include on-vessel and dock-side applications such as hoisting & lifting. DC Drives offer inherent advantages for marine applications in part due to flexible supply capabilities.

Material Handling Applications

DC Drives are used in a variety of marine applications, both on- and off-vessel. Sprint Electric Digital DC Drives offer flexibility in supply voltage that is particularly beneficial for on-vessel applications. DC Drives typically offer a smaller footprint than the equivalent AC Drive.
With the highest power-density on the market, our PL/X Digital DC Drive series offers huge power for a small footprint, a big advantage when space is at a premium.

Sprint Electric Digital DC Drives are used for on-vessel auxiliary drives in applications such as fans, pumps, cranes, compressors, and bow-thruster drives, and on-shore applications such as hoisting and material handling.


Deck handling equipment such as cranes & hoists frequently use DC motor control for the main and auxiliary drives. Offering smooth, quiet and progressive motor control, DC Drives allow regenerative loads to be handled safely. Sprint Electric DC Drives provide simple and effective control solutions with minimal impact on the vessels electrical distribution system.

Material handling

DC Drives are used in a variety of material handling applications such as fixed and mobile container loaders, material conveying, loading and stacking. Handling heavy loads, DC Drives offer significant advantages in the handling of regenerative loads as well as providing a small footprint to keep panel cost to a minimum.


Sprint Electric DC Drives are ideal to power the various types of winches used in marine environments – mooring, anchoring & general winches. The DC Drive can simultaneously operate speed and / or torque control providing constant or variable tension winch lines. DC Drives can be setup to provide auto-tensioning of winches – maintaining the correct level of winch tension. The DC Drive can operate open loop (armature feedback) or with tacho or encoder for greater precision.


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