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DC Drives are used in various digital & rotary printing applications to control main and auxiliary axes under torque & speed control in both motor / regenerative applications.

Digital & Offset Printing Applications

DC Drives are used in a variety of printing applications due to their ability to finely control torque (& hence tension) across a wide speed range. Used traditionally in offset printing machines such as gravure and flexographic, digital DC Drives can also be used for larger digital presses.

Sprint Electric Digital DC Drives are used for all types of machine control such as spoolers, infeeds, print couple drives, power take-offs, reel feeds, folders, cutting & collating units.

Reel feeds

Reel feeds are powered by DC motors, which operate under torque-speed control. Torque is varied as the reel diameter changes to ensure constant wrap. Sprint Digital DC Drives provide ready-made function blocks specifically for ‘diameter – speed – torque’ control. In addition, our DC Drives can be programmed to control peripheral drives / axes and act as a PLC to control both the reeler and associated machinery.

Print couple drives

Digital DC Drives are used to control the main print axes within offset printing machines. Printing axes require precise and smooth speed control through the entire line speed – digital DC drives provide high bandwidth and naturally provide regenerative control on powering machine speeds down.

Folders & collaters

Most high-speed web presses are equipped with one or more folders, which fold the printed web into signatures (group of pages) as the web leaves the press. Folders & collaters use a range of DC motors for main power and auxiliary control.


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