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DC Drives are used across a wide range of applications in the entertainment, travel & leisure industries.

Entertainment, travel & leisure

DC Drives are used ‘behind the scenes’ to power all sorts of mechanical devices. From film-sets to theatres to roller coasters, DC Drives are used to control the speed and position of motors ranging from a few Watts to almost 1MW!

Sprint Electric DC Drives can be found in a diverse range of applications: Theatres & film sets for lifting people and moving scenery. Theme parks for moving heavy machinery & rides. Entertainment parks for controlling heavy rotating loads. Travel industry for controlling conveyors… the list is endless.

Theatre & film sets

One of the key requirements for any film set or theatre application is ‘low noise’. Enjoying Phantom of the Opera is only possible if the background acoustics are noise-free. Sprint Electric DC Drives provide excellent noise-free operation of the motor with very low overall harmonics. For applications requiring handling of regenerative loads (e.g. hoists & scenery lifts), our 4Q DC Drives are a perfect solution.

Rides & roller coasters

Large roller coasters and rides create large kinetic energies that need to be captured if the ride is to operate safely. Sprint Electric’s 4Q Digital DC Drives provide instantaneous power and control of even the heaviest load – easily able to capture kinetic energy and safely distribute back into the mains supply grid. With a range of inbuilt safety features, our DC Drives are a perfect fit for automating large rides.


Sprint Electric DC Drives can be found in a wide range of bulk handling equipment such as luggage conveyors. DC Drives are used to control motor speed for 1Q, 2Q and 4Q type applications. Our digital products can be used as smart automation platforms to replace PLC’s – for example, the PL/X range can be used as a host controller to manage various other drive systems including sensors, pneumatics & HMI’s.


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