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Sprint Electric DC Drives are used to control both small and very large DC motors across a wide variety of wire & cable applications across the globe.

Wire & cable applications

DC Drives are used in a variety of wire & cable applications due to their ability to finely control torque (& hence tension) across a wide speed range. Used traditionally in cable machines such as wire drawing that require large motor powers, our DC Drives can be found in all types of cable machines and in continents such as Russia, Asia & Americas.

Sprint Electric Digital DC Drives are used for all types of wire & cable machine control such as twisting machine, wire drawing, wire stranding, wire cabling, bunching, annealing, coiling, straightening & cutting and wrapping.

Wire drawing machine

Wire drawing line, also known as wire drawing machine, is a metalworking process used to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling the wire through a single or series of drawing dies. Wire drawing machines use large motors that requiring excellent overload characteristics. Sprint Electric’s PL/X Digital DC Drives provide superior motor control up to 1MW as well as providing a whole host of inbuilt features that can allow the machine designer to reduce or remove the need for a host PLC.

Twisting machine

Sprint Electric’s Digital DC Drives are used to control the main axis of the twisting machine. Cable twisting is also known as cable twisting machine, wire twisting machine or wire twisting line. It is stranding mechanical equipment widely used for various hard or soft conductor wires (copper wire, enamelled wire, tinned wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminium, etc.) and electronic wires.

Twist Bunching Machine

High-speed bunching machines adopt active tension control mode, putting each single wire under constant and uniform tension when it is released. Cable bunchers also typically use independent traction to avoid wire slipping, jumping or bending problems. Sprint Electric’s 4Q Digital Drives provide inbuilt functionality for ‘out-of-the-box’ drive solutions for all twist bunching machines.


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