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DC Drives are used in many lifting applications for both main hoist drive as well as auxiliary control. 4Q DC Drives are ideally suited for safety critical applications that handle regenerative energy.

Lifting & Hoisting Applications

The use of DC Drives within the lifting, hoist and crane industry is well established. DC Drives have proven extremely popular due to the inherent qualities of the power electronics. A Sprint Electric 4Q DC Drive is able to easily handle regenerative loads by controlling the flow of energy back into the mains grid. With up to 150% overload as standard, our Digital DC Drives can be configured to control brake release/application to ensure safe operation.

Sprint Electric Digital DC Drives are used for all types of lifting, hoisting and crane applications – gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, straddle cranes, tower cranes, passenger lifts, cargo lifts, double purpose lifts.

Gantry Cranes

DC Drives are used to control main and auxiliary drives. Offering smooth, quiet and progressive motor control, 4Q DC Drives allow regenerative loads to be handled safely. Sprint Electric DC Drives can control electro-mechanical brake units to co-ordinate brake release & application to ensure load remains controlled at all times.

Goods Hoist

As well as controlling the main hoist drive, Sprint Electric Digital DC Drives can be configured to control all auxiliary drives from one main DC Drive. For example, using Ethernet enabled devices, the PL/X series DC Drive can provide one single control module for an entire Goods Hoist.

Tower Crane

Sprint Electric provides Digital Drive solutions for large DC motors or AC slip ring motors used in Tower Crane applications. For example, the JL/X Series Digital Slip Ring controller allows crane users to retrofit and upgrade existing slip ring motors to use the very latest in digital control without having to replace expensive motors.


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