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IoT Ready Sprint Electric PLX Digital Drives
July 2017
Sprint Electric News


How many times have you read that the Internet of Things (IoT) will change our lives for the better?

For all of us using smartphones and various interconnected technologies at home, we already know the benefits of IoT. In the world of industrial automation, end users are becoming well versed in the technology advantage – but what about the OEM’s and Systems Integrators themselves – do they get advantage in applying IoT?

Let’s face it. Making machines is a tough business. Even the very largest OEM’s and Systems Integrators operate on slim margins. So any solution that can reduce build or installation cost is an advantage.

Consider the humble PL/X DC Drive. Once a stand-alone component used to provide only motor control, the PL/X is now an IoT technological powerhouse!

Available as standard option, the IoT-ready PL/X comes equipped with a feature-rich technology platform that provides a single programming environment to interface with machine systems such as:

  • Touch screen operator stations & HMI’s
  • Drives – AC, DC, Servos, Steppers
  • PLC’s and distributed I/O
  • Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi roaming access.

But let’s talk Turkey. What is the real saving for OEM’s and SI’s?

An example. Anyone building a control panel will know the labour time involved. Using the PL/X IoT-ready technology platform, we estimate that up to 75% of wiring can be removed using our on-board virtual wiring system.

Now that is a REAL cost win!

If you would like to know how our IoT-ready PL/X digital DC drives could reduce your machine build cost, please contact us now.



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