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Motortech S. A.


We are an innovative national company, with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of Electric Motors and Electronic Control Drives, providing customized solutions for our clients.

We were born in Lobos, Province of Buenos Aires. Our electric motor manufacturing and repair plant is located there. The electromechanical culture of the area, originated by the historical presence of multinational companies related to the manufacture of electric motors, generated the development of technicians and engineers with a lot of experience and knowledge that, from our company, we support and multiply year after year.

Our direct current motor manufacturing line began towards the end of the 1970s from BBC (currently, ABB) models, which were complemented with our own developments for higher powers.
Through time and motivated by the needs of our clients, we created special developments, which, in addition to satisfying their demands, were technical challenges that demonstrated the spirit of improvement and technical capacity of our team.

We serve clients from various sectors: industrial, especially from the steel sector, as well as from the paper, plastic, metallurgical, food, cement, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors, among many others.
Outside the industrial field, we have worked with developers of mountain lifts, mining, electric cars and many other national and international projects.
We have also carried out cooperative work with national universities and technical schools. In the same way, we develop collaborative actions with public and/or private entities related to industrial technology and renewable energy, such as INTI, CIMM and others.

Mocbos® is recognized throughout the country and neighboring countries, as a benchmark in the manufacture of quality, efficiency and durability of direct current and alternating current motors.


Carlos María Ramírez 2555,
CP 1437,

Can supply the following Sprint Electric products

3 phase
1 phase
Digital Drives
Slip Ring Drives




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