DC Control advantages include low speed accuracy, High start-up torque, short-time overload capability, size, torque proving control, high efficiency and easily reversible. These advantages suit themselves to the high demanding roles in the entertainment businesses.


A Closer Look: Entertainment Applications


A strong advantage for DC drives and motors in theatre applications is their quiet operation. The smooth control from start is also important considering stage and equipment movements affect the performers on stage.

Theme Park Rides

Due to their very nature, they have many twists and high speed turns. This coupled with high start-up torque requirements, a DC solution is ideally suited to this environment and has proven reliability in this field. When you up-grade to our PLX range of Digital controllers, you will find that you have increased capacity due to the standard features that are available to you on these drives, this coupled with easy communication to existing PLC controllers.

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You can choose from over 50 models of industrial motor controller. Here are three products that have an application in Entertainment.



PLX Digital Motor Control. Digital DC Drives up to 2250 Amps



400xlv 800xlv 1200xlv Range DC Servo Controllers

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC motor controllers up to 12 Amps. IP20 Metal Enclosure.

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