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How do I get an output that tells me the drive is healthy (or ready)?

The digital output on terminal 24 (DOP3) is a drive healthy signal in the default settings. We assume that the drive cannot be anything other than healthy if the START command has not been satisfied, in other words if the main contactor has not been energised and there is no power supply to the bridge on L1, L2 and L3. Certain applications require this signal to be conditional on START, so that the healthy output is low if the main contactor has not been energised. The solution is to use one of the multifunction blocks as an "and" gate looking at the healthy and drive start PINs. The following assumes you wish to still use DOP3 as the healthy output and also that multifunction 7 has been chosen for use as the "and "gate although either of the 8 multifunction blocks could be used. Go to APPLICATION BLOCKS, MULTIFUNCTION 7 and set 566) MULTIFUN7 MODE to AND GATE. Set 557) MULTIFUN7 OP SEL to ENABLED, GET FROM to 698) HEALTHY FLAG and AUX GET FROM to 166) DRIVE START FLAG. The GOTO needs to be set to one of the digital staging posts, say 299) DIGITAL POST 4. You now need to change the default set up of DOP3, so go to CONFIGURATION, DIGITAL OUTPUTS, DOP3 SETUP and set the get from to 299) DIGITAL POST 4.


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