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How do I do field weakening?

This question is usually accompanied by a statement to the effect that it has proved difficult and/or time consuming in older drives. With the digital drive it is simple. Providing you have set the BASE SPEED and TOP SPEED parameters correctly in CHANGE PARAMETERS, CALIBRATION and remembering that you must be using either tachogenerator or encoder feedback - field weakening cannot work with armature voltage feedback alone, all you need to do is go to CHANGE PARAMETERS, FIELD CONTROL, FIELD WEAKENING MENU, FIELD WEAKENING ENABLE and set it to enabled. This will be adequate in most cases. Certain motors require armature current profiling to help commutation in the weak field region, and the motor manufacturers details should give this information if appropriate. If this is the case the relevant parameters are found in CHANGE PARAMETERS, CURRENT CONTROL, I DYNAMIC PROFILE.


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