Download Datasheets

Download Datasheets for our range of DC drives and other products.


PL/X Datasheet

PL/PLX datasheet…

PLX Datasheet →

SL/X Datasheet

Datasheet for SL/X range of analogue DC drives.…

SL/X datasheet →

SLE Datasheet

Datasheet for SLE DC drives.…

SLE datasheet →

340XRi, 680XRi, 1220XRi Datasheet

Datasheet for 340XRi, 680XRi, 1220XRi DC drives.…

340XRi, 680XRi, 1220XRi datasheet →

340i, 680i, 1220i Datasheet

Datasheet for 340i, 680i, 1220i DC drives.…

340i, 680i, 1220i datasheet →

340, 680, 1220 Datasheet

340, 680, 1220 analogue DC motor controller. Din rail mounting…

340 680 1220 datasheet →

200XLV Datasheet

Datasheet for 200XLV linear DC drive.…

200XLV datasheet →

DPM Datasheet

Datasheet for DPM.…

DPM datasheet →

PLA - Dual Digital PID

PLA Datasheet…

PLA Datasheet →


Datasheet for POTKIT…

POTKIT Datasheet →


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