Plastic Extruding process involves forcing a molten thermos plastic through a die. These can be: Films, Sheets, Profiles or Pipes. As this is a price competitive industry. DC offers economical solutions in the 60 to 1000 HP range which is commonly used in extruding applications.


A Closer Look: Plastics Applications


Extruders involves forcing a molten thermos plastic trough a die. Due to the complex process that is involved in extruders, your motor drives must ensure that you process the polymer at high and constant output rates. Therefore it is essential that you have a high degree of torque and speed stability. Also the pressure in the system must remain consistent, this means that you must maintain good control of process variables and speed.

Sheet Line Reeler

When plastic sheets have been wound onto reels from the extruder, the next process would be to cut the sheets into size, or apply a lamination/printing.

This process requires, tension control, speed control also torque control. All of these are ideally suited to a DC Motor Control.

Haul Off / Caterpillar

Haul off units are there to pull the extruded plastic at a uniform speed and no slippage. This process ensures the uniform dimensions. Due to the constant torque required in this process, and critical speed constants involved. DC Motor's and Thyristor Drives offer a cost effective and reliable solution.

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You can choose from over 50 models of industrial motor controller. Here are three products that have an application in Plastics.



PLX Digital Motor Control. Digital DC Drives up to 2250 Amps



400xlv 800xlv 1200xlv Range DC Servo Controllers

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC motor controllers up to 12 Amps. IP20 Metal Enclosure.

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