In Paper Mills two different processes are involved. One is producing Pulp from the raw materials, the second is the paper making from the Pulp. Both these processes produce different needs and requirements from their drives.


A Closer Look: Paper Processing Applications

DC motors offer superior characteristics at low speed for winder and coiler operation and performance. Winder applications have to maintain tension at standstill as this is a very important operation. DC motors offer a wide speed range at rated torque, due to this many winder applications that run in an extended speed range you are able to fit a smaller HP DC motor, in comparison to the larger HP AC motor that would be needed in order to do the same job. DC Drives are used in: Winders & Reelers, Wood Choppers, Grinders, Beaters, Folders, Unwind & Rewind, Printing Presses, Stamping & Wrappers.

Paper Machines

The speed of each section must be accurately controlled due to each paper making process, through to the where the produced paper is reeled to be make ready for the next process.

Due to the shunt-wound DC motors good speed-holding characteristics, as well as high torque at very low speeds. You add this with a DC Thyristor controller you have yourself an efficient and reliable means of obtaining good control and responses that is very much required in the paper-making process.

Winders & Reelers

When the paper has been wound onto reels from the paper machine, it must be cut into sizes that suits the printing process that are involved further on.

The re-sizing is carried out on a slitter re-winder, that has a unwind stand and the paper is sent through a set of slitter knives, then driven back to a re-wind system. This process requires, tension control, speed control also torque control.

All of these are ideally suited to a DC Motor Control.

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You can choose from over 50 models of industrial motor controller. Here are three products that have an application in Paper.



PLX Digital Motor Control. Digital DC Drives up to 2250 Amps



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Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC motor controllers up to 12 Amps. IP20 Metal Enclosure.

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