The Metal Industry is involved in smelting and refining of ferrous and nonferrous metals and include Iron and Steel Mills, Aluminium producers, rolled Steel also Copper foundries.


A Closer Look: Metal Processing Applications

To consistently manufacture high quality finished products in this highly demanding industry, your machinery must be able to be precise time and time again, whilst ensuring performance, controls and long term reliability. DC Drives are used in: Hot & Cold Rolling Mills, Rod & Bar Mills, Skin Pass Mills, Pickle Lines, Annealing Lines, Coilers & Re-coilers, Coating Lines, Tube Mills, Tension Levelling Lines, Foil Rolling Mills & Slitter/Separator Machines Increased productivity, with energy savings.

Here are closer look at three of these applications:

Rolling Mill

The Rolling Mills are used to reduce the gauge or change the shape of metal, using a Hot Roll Mill, or Cold Roll Mill. Hot Roll Mill, heats up the metal to a high temperature so that shaping and forming can be accomplished easily. Cold Roll Mill, adds a further process to the hot rolling mill. It has to go through a cold reduction mill (normally room temperature), followed by a further tempered rolling. This gives closer dimensional tolerances, and increased surface finishes.

Wire Drawing

This process typically is the process of the reduction of a wire diameter from 12mm to 1 mm over a process of up to 14 dies.

Due to the complex processes involved in this, the speeds will vary as the material length increases when it passes through a die. Also you have to ensure that there is constant tension in every part for the process.

Strip Mill

The hot strip mill is where the whole rolling operation begins as steel slabs are heated and rolled into a hot rolling coil.

Due to the heating and scaling removal it is the start of removing the imperfections, and the dissolving of carbides and nitrides that are to be precipitated at a later stage of the rolling process.

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You can choose from over 50 models of industrial motor controller. Here are three products that have an application in Metals.



PLX Digital Motor Control. Digital DC Drives up to 2250 Amps



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Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC motor controllers up to 12 Amps. IP20 Metal Enclosure.

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