Due to the compact comparable size of a DC solution over the AC solution, DC drives offer several advantages in marine applications. Also due to the fact that the marine industry have generator supplies, DC drives adapt working from these.


A Closer Look: Marine Applications

Marine Application

Using DC Drives on your DC motors will reduce Electro-Mechanical stress on the ships electrical distribution system. Also giving smooth torque over the motor speed range helps reduce noise and vibrations on the motor installations. Accurate speed and torque control is available without the need of encoders.

Related Products

You can choose from over 50 models of industrial motor controller. Here are three products that have an application in Marine.



PLX Digital Motor Control. Digital DC Drives up to 2250 Amps



400xlv 800xlv 1200xlv Range DC Servo Controllers

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC Drives

Enclosed DC motor controllers up to 12 Amps. IP20 Metal Enclosure.

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