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The Metal Industry is involved in smelting and refining of ferrous and nonferrous metals and include Iron and Steel Mills, Aluminium producers, rolled Steel also Copper foundries.


Plastic Extruding process involves forcing a molten thermos plastic through a die. These can be: Films, Sheets, Profiles or Pipes. As this is a price competitive industry. DC offers economical solutions in the 60 to 1000 HP range which is commonly used in extruding applications.


In Paper Mills two different processes are involved. One is producing Pulp from the raw materials, the second is the paper making from the Pulp. Both these processes produce different needs and requirements from their drives.


Due to the compact comparable size of a DC solution over the AC solution, DC drives offer several advantages in marine applications. Also due to the fact that the marine industry have generator supplies, DC drives adapt working from these.


DC Control advantages include low speed accuracy, High start-up torque, short-time overload capability, size, torque proving control, high efficiency and easily reversible. These advantages suit themselves to the high demanding roles in the entertainment businesses.