Size Comparison

Example using 330A PLX

Size matters, especially when retrofitting, as you're often constrained by the size of the space left by the DC drive you're replacing or upgrading.

All of our drives are designed and manufactured to be more compact than most of the installed base of DC drives you'll find.

Here is an example to illustrate the point. You can see the PLX145, rated at 330A, easily fits inside the footprint of other drives of an equivalent rating.

Easy Retrofitting with Small Footprint

330A PLX compared to other DC Drives

Compare the Dimensions

Name Height Width Depth
Sprint Electric PLX 145 410mm 216mm 216mm
SSD 590+ 700mm 253mm 358mm
Siemens DCM 602mm 230mm 275mm
ABB DCS550 459mm 270mm 310mm


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